Twin Flames

What are twin flames?

Words and definitions do little to communicate the energy of such a connection. I’ve found that these tend to only create more separation or a sense that one’s experience is not as valid as someone else’s. If you’ve found my page or resonate with anything I have written, trust that it’s for a reason. If you love someone, let them know.

Will you write more about twin flames?

Every now and then, I get general insights for the twin flame collective that I will share here. I sometimes write poetry about it. I don’t regret the personal essays I have written in the past, but at this time, I don’t feel drawn to share that way. For anything shared in the past, please see my Portfolio.

Do you give psychic readings?

You can read more about the spiritual work I do here. I have the gift of clairsentience, meaning I can sense what someone is feeling and intending in the present moment. The future is constantly shifting based on an individual’s decisions. I think of myself as more intuitive and empathic than psychic. Any work I do is always done with the intention of uplifting you, providing you with clarity and empowerment.

Can you tell me if someone is my twin flame?

I can take a look at the energy between you and another person. I can tell you how they feel and what seems likely to unfold based on your combined energies. If you prefer a different outcome, I can give you advice on how to shift it. I believe that no one outside your connection is able to tell you what it is – that’s something you’ll know in your heart.