Twin Flames

What are twin flames?

Words and definitions do little to communicate the energy of such a connection. I’ve found that these tend to only create more separation or a sense that one’s experience is not as valid as someone else’s. If you’ve found my page or resonate with anything I have written, trust that it’s for a reason. If you love someone, let them know.

Here is a poem I wrote about this energy dynamic in my life some time ago. It’s more focused on an energy, a feeling that one has in love, than a person. I hope you enjoy!


you are there
speaking to me without words
your hands leaving gentle traces —
a knowing and a sensation of being touched
but without any of the rough or raucous display;
waves gently washing over displaced grains
arranged by the hands of lesser men
(who would mould the grains to be as they pleased)
so that their designs disappear,
leaving a precious secret
purified and
kept between sea and sand.

your fingers run down my back,
up my sides.
your hands are dry and callused,
each a desert in its own right.
I come to them like water,
your oasis,
and I flow
through your fingers
gently, lovingly,
and you let me;
you never try to trap me
or grip too hard,
because it is a wise and good king that understands
what is truly his requires no force.
many have tried to catch water,
to hold it captive,
to greedily go after more,
but not you.

you do not have a thirst.
you just love me.
I nourish you by flowing through you
and you do the same for me.
you are there,
watching and breathing in this space.
it is only a moment
but it is the only moment.

you are there,
and I am with you
and we are love.