Farewell . . . Sort Of

This domain is set to expire on April 1st. While it’s not a total farewell, I wanted to say a few things first.

It isn’t the money that made me decide not to renew. It’s more the sense of not being sure what I have to say anymore, especially for my own blog. A one-off post on another site every now and again is easy to do, but a whole blog of your own takes much more thought and work. I’ve been trying to find my voice again on Medium, and you’re welcome to follow me there. I still post on Instagram too.

I’ve made a lot of cool friends through my exploration of spirituality. Unfortunately, people who are not so open to the spiritual have seen my work too, and it’s caused some rifts in my personal relationships. Now I feel more comfortable writing under a pen name and no longer share much of what I write on social media. It did take some of the fun from this for me. I also feel it has added another layer of truth to my work. When you feel like no one is watching, you tend to write more honestly.

Twin flames… It was a story that soothed me for a while, but it may have also kept me stuck in a cycle of pursuing someone unavailable to me. I do believe we can have ties that go beyond this physical existence, strong connections from other lifetimes, but I want to be fully present in this lifetime with those who love me here and now. I want that for everyone who reads my work, too. When I was in this cycle, I did create some beautiful things. I wrote what I feel is some of my best work. It is for that reason that I haven’t changed my handles here or on Instagram – yet. If I do change them, it will probably be to my pen name, @heidihendricks or something similar.

I am waiting to see what sticks before I actively change anything. Letting this domain expire is more a passive act; the site will not be gone, but it will be under a WordPress URL and probably will no longer be updated.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me here, or kept up with my work in some way. I hope you’ll still check me out on the other sites where I post. If I decide to start another blog, you will be the first to know, and I will do so through this site.

Again, thanks so much. ♥

– Heidi