Portfolio of Published Work

Please note: If you intend to post quotes, excerpts, or entire works from any of the below, I am flattered and would love that, but please acknowledge the original journal/website that published the work in addition to crediting me. Thank you so much!


The Top 3 Blessings of Being an Empath | Sivana East | June


Staying the Path on the Twin Flame Journey | Sivana East | December

How My Twin Flame’s Unavailability Helped Me Level Up | Sivana East | October

Clytie | Adelaide Voices Literary Contest | February


Twenty-Seven | Adelaide Literary Magazine | November

Fleeting & Flaming | Rebelle Society | October

Nonlinear | Adelaide Literary Awards Anthology 2017 | June

Unsent Letter | Adelaide Literary Magazine | March


Meditation Session | Buck Off Magazine | May